Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

Wahoo! Today's a day for creepiness, too bad it's snowing.

As far as what's new on the art front this morning - nothing really, except a good idea for a felt/tatting choker xmas present....we'll see how well it stews over this weekend. The inspiration came from Resurrection Fern ( this beautiful blog that I came across through Flikr (long story). Her post from Nov. 9th makes me want to explore more with the felt that I've been working with lately. Felt is so versatile! It's thick, it holds it's shape really well, you can do most anything to it, it doesn't unravel. Ok, so I'm a little bit in love with felt right now, and it's all thanks to Kumiko Sudo. Speaking of her, here's my latest project from her book "Kokoro No Te"

It took me three hours to stitch this all together, I hung out with Ji Eun Kim ( an intern for the Arts Council here in town. I love stitching and bitching! she has some really good perspectives on art and the art communities because she is from Seoul, Korea and she has been in different residencies and programs. I was really inspired by her philosophies on her work, the reasons why she makes art, but these are discussions for another time.

The coolest thing about this the pin cushion is that it isn't attached!

And the felt layers make the leaf bowl really keep it's shape, but it's also pretty flexible so I don't think that it will fall over - more testing needs to happen. At least it is one more use for the fabric that has been hanging around in my studio F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

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