Friday, May 14, 2010

Art, Design & Dinetastic!

Last night was the first night that I could actually go out and see the different galleries in town! A friend from mine from LA was spending the night with me so I drug her around to all the different stops. I had never been in the Nagle Warren Mansion, but oh the woodwork! I love every inch of that place! Reminds me of the mansion we used to rent in Westfield (on the main drag, next to a McDonalds!) Apparently, it was built by a grocer that supplied the black hills area - this guy/guys were loaded! Cheyenne was actually the 2nd electrified city in the U.S. - and we can't even get an art center now...sigh.
We stopped off at Deselms and The Link, of course, but I was really impressed with Chris Amend's work at Clay Paper Scissors - He's a retired art teacher from Gillette. Pretty awesome figure drawing/abstractions - especially the pencil/color work on wood. It's nice to know that there is art like this in Wyoming!
It had been a while since I had been in The Link, they had a live musician - I had to clap and hoot and holler, we were practically the only ones in that room (there are three large ones). It's good to embarrass the musicians every once in a while. I also got to talk with the featured artist at The Link. Her work wasn't really hung though - it was propped up on the couch, and a few smaller things were hung around the corner.
At Deselm's, Harvey's little jack russel terrier, Spot, attached one of my friends shoe laces and would not let go. He was dragging the poor thing all around the gallery, while looking at the art. There was lots of laughing at his plight.

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