Monday, June 21, 2010

Quilting Progress

I got more work done on M & N's wedding quilt this weekend. I have so much more to do before the bridal shower. I think that I will add just one more ring of blocks to it and than call it done - These blocks are so time consuming, I can see why it takes so long to get a big quilt done. The center four and going to have the pretty black and white patterned fabric as the large pieces and I'm going to applique a little embroidered piece with M & N's name and their wedding date. I can't even remember is N is going to take M's name or not. Then I'm going to make a border of the black and white around with purple and yellow corner blocks I think. It's going to be a really nice wall hanging.

I was on the road a lot this weekend. I went over to Laramie for an ARBA show. I miss bunnies so much! I really want to get into angora rabbits and show all over Colorado. I want to raise Satin Angoras or maybe English Angoras - or at least have a Flemish Giant House Bunny. I did see one English Spot at the show and it brought back memories. There were a lot of Himilayas, Satins, and Rexs. The angoras were going for $50 a pop. I was surprised because I didn't remember rabbits being that expensive when I showed, but that was 5 years ago.

I took the highway up through Shirley Basin to get to Casper. It was so beautiful. Those rolling sage green hills and the red rock. The windmills outside of Medicine Bow were so beautiful and alien. It was like I had stepped out onto another planet. I saw a lot of windmill parts on the backs of trucks. The propellers always remind me of whale flippers. Like they are carting around chunks of whale.

While in Casper, mom and I went wedding dress and ring shopping.  First of all, what they don't tell you is that wedding dresses are extremely heavy. And that climbing in and out of them makes you very hot and sweaty. They are so darn hard to figure out how to put them on. It didn't help that I was standing around holding up the bodice while an entire group of boys was being fitted for tuxes. Yeah, I saw them looking at me. A little secret, Wear Your Best Underwear! We only found three dresses that were really nice - I'm definitely not a get-married-in-pure-white girl. One was this beautiful pink taffeta that changed colors depending at the angle that you looked at it. Another was a soft mocha color. I'm just not sure that I really want a floor length gown, but I wouldn't mind having a dress made of the taffeta.

Ring shopping was horrible. There was absolutely nothing that I wanted. I don't really like diamonds. Mom said that I should just get a band for my engagement ring (which is diamonds - but really unique and lovely). Nothing the stores had would really fit, so I'll have to have something made. I decided that I would have a band of alexandrite put on each side. Alexandrite is a dark purple stone that changes colors with the light to blue, or green. It's very rare, they only mine it in Russia. So the alexandrite in my ring will be man made.

All this wedding stuff is frying my brain. More art must be done!

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