Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Cloud Has Lifted

My apartment has been leased and I have rented another apartment, all in one day! The stars have aligned. I first saw the new apartment at 1pm yesterday, and I loved it (it have a dishwasher and a huge under-stair closet!) but I thought that I needed the boys opinion so I scheduled for him to see it later that evening. Then I got a call at 3pm that my apartment had been leased and I needed to be out by the end of the month, I was elated. That evening I signed the lease - I'm actually going to have the luxury of two weeks to move my stuff into the new place, which means I can feng shui things the way I like them. The only problem with the new place is the lack of windows and the ugly carpet - but that's what rugs and mirrors are for.

This weekend was N's bridal shower. I got some of the blocks signed - I might have people sign the rest at the wedding after I've sewed it all together.

I also started a new embroidery because I needed something to keep be company in the car. Lots of driving was done this weekend. I had bought this brown fabric for another quilting project. I looked at it and thought "It looks like rocks in a river bed...I'll embroider water over it!" and thus the idea was born. I'm experimenting with different thread thicknesses to try and give it a chunky, ripple-like effect. Sorry for the blurry pics - when I get some more done on it I'll get some better ones.

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