Wednesday, July 7, 2010

M &N's Wedding Quilt

Now that I've finished the huge long post on what I did this weekend, now to start of the art that I'm doing this week.

I've finally got all the blocks done for the bridal shower this weekend. It's a huge sigh of relief. These blocks aren't really all the difficult to put together but boy are they time consuming. I'm going to get all the ladies at the bridal shower to sign them and then do something cute and embroidered for the center. Hopefully, it'll be ready to hang at their reception. I'm hoping to do something cute for the border. At Joanne Fabrics this weekend, the fat quarters were half off. I scored some pretty awesome fabrics that I'm going to turn into small quilting projects. I have this turquoise, coral, and red combo that's to die for.

There might not be much art making for a while - I'm trying to move out of my apartment and I'm also going to be a card girl in the Old Fashioned Melodrama for Cheyenne Frontier Days. As soon as I get a pic of my costume I'm post it. I'm thinking of working my character into a french whore type. Since the whole thing is improv it'll be fun to see what my costume does to my character.

Art, Design and Dine is tomorrow! Stay tuned for more fun.

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