Monday, October 4, 2010

October is better anyways...

Ok, September was one of those months where your entire life decides to go crazy. It's not like anything gets better or worse, but it's a mega tectonic shift to the right or left that you totally didn't expect. This is why I haven't written the entire month of September. Last month, I had to tackle creating and sending out wedding invitations, moving to a room in a house from a one bedroom apartment, getting new bosses and a new office, and running down to CO to work on my wedding dress. Plus, there was three art events to attend in town. Madness, shear madness. Now I look back on it and think, "dang, how did you get it all done?" Well, maybe the big secret was coffee. I've started drinking coffee again - moderately but it's because someone has been putting little creamers in the break room, and I really can't resist. Coffee is really just a vehicle for cream and sugar anyways.

There have been some interesting things brewing this month in my artwork.  I've fully embraced this idea of fabric sculpture made out of felt. I've started two pieces and have plans for three more. I keep making these drawings and thinking about the texture and color and form. I'm really interested in trying to create vessels and I've come across mesh. which doesn't sound like much but I'm in love. There are amazing things to do - now all I need is time!

September has also been marked by my obsession with Project Runway and Fashion Weeks (like all of them) I've been religiously stalking "Tom and Lorenzo" and Vogue to look at everything that is coming down the runway. And there are so many cool things! New textures and shapes and inspirations. I've also been trying to funkify my work wardrobe and wearing more heels. It feels like a new period of inspiration. I'm getting ready for a new direction and it will be awesome!

At the moment there needs to be more work made. I'm looking into a studio, and trying to schedule some art time. I'm now living in a house with some other creatives (comic artist and a writer) and I really admire their dedication. They set aside time to work on their passions every day. How could I not do the same? This will take some thought,...a plan....a list! Eventually, the boat will stop rocking quite so much and I'll find some time for my creative endeavors.

Hopefully next time, pictures of all the works in progress.

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