Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rainy Day at the Beach

We had a pretty interesting weekend. The car battery died which meant that we were a little stranded this weekend but no matter we still made it to the sea side on Sunday with a friend of ours. Ian had to work Saturday morning and got back by the time I got done at the pet shelter. I have become a board member! Which will look pretty good on a resume even though I'm not getting paid for it. It's not like I'm not down there everyday anyways.  So after lunch we walked down to the dealership that we bought the car from. We made an appointment for Monday. It was a little disappointing because we were hoping to go do some exploring on Sunday. We ended up walking around Misawa for a bit. We found a farmers market, a flower shop, the civic center and the library. We also walked by a french pastry shop and got our selves a treat.

Needless to say anything with a raspberry jello shot on top and raspberry mousse on bottom didn't stand a chance! Look how cute it is! Patisseries are a big deal out here. I think I've seen like 4 in Misawa. I can finally get my french pastry fix satisfied.

Have I explained to you guys about vending machines out here? They are the best invention ever! They are everywhere and they vend hot and cold drinks. If you order a hot coffee, it is literally heated up in the can and then dropped down the shoot. It's the perfect temperature for drinking too, no burned tongues. You can also get beer, water, and sake spritzers which are the best.

 We found this strange memorial while we were walking around near the civic center. Islamic superhero? in Japan?
 Sorry for the sideways picture, my computer is having issues. This was on the sidewalk in front of a crosswalk. I can actually read it! Which probably means that it's meant to be read by little kids, it takes a while to memorize all the kanji that adults use.Tomare Hidariomite Migiomite. Hidari means left and Migi means right - tomare means's that cool!

Saturday night we had a couple over for board games. It was so much fun. Though we started a game of Uno at 10pm, huge mistake. It was the game of Uno that just wouldn't end.  But it seems that we have found a couple that loves to board game with us, as well as drink and snack - that's just mandatory.

Sunday morning we headed out to Shipwreck beach for our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. It's about an hour, hour and a half drive out there. It poured the whole way. Ian was driving and we almost died once. Which is a pretty good record for driving in Japan. Hence the reason that I still haven't driven much outside the gate. We got to the beach and it was pouring. We spent a good two hours combing the beach for shells and sea glass in the rain. The surprising thing was that the ocean was warmer than the air and the rain. I spent a lot of time in the water. We have a pretty good collection of sea glass now. I am going to try and incorporate them in some embroidery. It's gonna be the next direction I think.
Don't believe the way he looks - he actually had fun despite being soaked
After the beach we decided to got to the mall north of Hachinohe. I need to get my nephew some birthday presents. I found my fabric store! and I can get DMC embroidery floss and knitting supplies. Though I think ordering offline is cheaper for the most part. More new and beautiful things to explore. We ate at the local bakery. I had to show you the cute little pastries. For a culture with the reputation of eating only rice they sure do awesome pastries. Aren't they cute!
 Most Japanese translations of English are hilarious.
That goes for American Icons too. I associate that color green with glow in the dark - do you think it actually glows? Because that would be sweet!
That pretty much rounded out our weekend. Hopefully we'll be getting our things this week or next and then we will take a tour down to Hachinohe to the fish market. More Adventures Ahead!

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