Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Begins

Sorry guys, I know the blog post have been pretty erratic. We really haven't been doing too much that's all that interesting - I promise. Nausea doesn't lend well to adventures. Ian has now got his boardgames and a decent gaming group set up so we spend more or our time playing games with other couples and less time being so bored that we need to get off base.

Winter has finally started here in Misawa. It started snowing yesterday and it looks like it's still trying to continue. Nothing is really sticking thank goodness. This weekend I got around to planting my tulips, daffodils and mums. I was thinking of buying some more mums at the farmers market but maybe I'm done for the year now that the snow has started. I've got my fingers crossed that everything survives and is bigger next year. I'm not sure how many years we'll be around to tend and expand anyways. Self-Help gives out free bulbs so I thought, why not? After we move out maybe the next people will just mow over them - yah never know. At least I tried. I'm a little worried about my tulips because my neighbor told me a crow dug up and ate hers. The funny thing was that there was a crow watching me while I was planting them. I yelled crazy things at him to keep him away. It doesn't look like anyone has disturbed the bulbs so I'm hopeful.

We managed to get away for a little bit to do some Christmas shopping in Japan. Ian fell in love with a leopard print snuggie...and I'm not sure if it's the girl on the cover or the snuggie it's self. It's been increasingly colder in our house. Last night was the worst it felt like we didn't have any heat at all and I had all the gauges set at a decent temperature. Turns out there is a little panel below the gauges that says "air conditioning" and that is what controls the heat. At first I thought it was a bunch of defunct equipment from better days maybe from before the earthquake because nobody has air conditioning now. Anyways, now we have heat and Ian can run around half naked once more. Snuggie problem solved.

Other than those little adventures, we've been having people over for home made pasta and games, you know the usual when you have an entire closet devoted to games. Or we've been gaming at other peoples houses. It's such a hard life. I've been reading books rather than being productive on the art front so there's no progress there - though the studio is slowly getting more organized. One day at a time.

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  1. I love it that you are reading all the good literature I have sent you! Keep up the good work! Our snow in Gillette is finally melting as well.