Sunday, May 19, 2013

Theater Sets and Tulip Festivals

This past week has been a little bit on the busy side. Not too bad. But we made up for it this weekend.

Ian has been working on a set for the local theater company's Steel Magnolias production. He's spent a couple of nights painting, cutting wood and building things. They were just painting the flats from the last production but there was a rift between the theater company and the director of the show so they built new flats that they are gonna donate to the high school. The set looks great at least! The production is next week so I didn't see much of Ian this past weekend.

In Bea news, she got her first dentist appointment this fast week. All her pearly whites are doing great. No molars yet. We are going to have to fit tooth brushing into our night time routine. Other than that Bea is being a baby. Back to waking up every night again. Pulling herself up on everything. Spitting food out and then feeding it to herself. You know, the usual. She's in love with bath time and is always trying to get into the bathroom to look in the tub or toilet. She is also a fan of opening and closing doors. The fun never ends.

Sunday Bea, my friend and I all went off to Karumai for their tulip festival. Much fun ensued. We took the back roads to get there and got lost once in Hachinohe because the route wasn't marked, and then we got a little bit lost in the boonies because I turned before I should have. Sometimes Japanese road signs are confusing.

Karumai has gone all out with the Dutch theme. Complete with giant windmill. I'm not sure if the red bridge is Dutch but it is pretty. We didn't go on it because it was narrow and there were quite a few people. Cami got some great pictures of Bea and I though.

Bea was a huge fan of that juice box. You had to pay a few yen to get into the tulip grounds but there were tons of varieties of tulips and they were all labeled. Even in English! There were lots of opportunities to get pictures down in the flowers. The tulip bed were kind of at a slop so I got my work out pushing that stroller. I should just do what the Japanese do and carry my baby everywhere. You could go up into the windmill and look down but we were in a bit of a time crunch and I didn't want to try it with Bea.
The most exciting part of the journey was sitting down to lunch with a random Japanese family. Grandma, grandpa and daughter with two boys. The youngest was around Bea's age. Unfortunately, I exhausted my Japanese pretty quick...I need to learn more phrases so that I can prolong the fun interactions. I got a picture of Bea eating a fish, but after she licked it a couple of times she didn't want to try anymore so I ate the rest of it. I let her have some of my fried chicken pieces and she loves that...go figure.

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