Thursday, November 19, 2009

Abecedarian Gallery Entry

I finally got my Abecedarian Gallery entry for their Re: (rebound,recycled,repurposed, reused) show. Essentially, it's a juried show for altered bookworks. I wanted to enter a piece from the series that I made in college from all those old book covers. The piece that I really wanted to enter was already in another show and the dates just wouldn't work. So, I was really bummed, thinking that I shouldn't have given so many of them away (though I love that the friend that took most of them really loves them) and I only have two left and neither of them I felt was up to snuff.

I kept this one because I really liked the poetic words and the simple geometry. Plus it is the only piece of mine that has won a prize in a juried show (not for lack of trying!).

I figured that there is no rule against reworking a I thought that I could spice it up with a little imagery. So, while watching the last two episodes of Torchwood "Children of Earth" I poured through all my Smithsonian Institutes's Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology. 'Cause a girl just has to have multiple volumes of these hanging around the house! I found some really good Eskimo imagery that I wanted to use and I cut out a few images. Originally, I had the idea in mind that I wanted to have the body of a Native American (preferably dead) wrapped in white thread, like a cocoon and in an L shape in the right bottom corner. No dice, image wise - but I think that this little guy works really well. Plus red thread has all kinds of potent meanings.

I think it's absolutely beautiful - and I can't stop looking at it. Which, I think means it's good...dunno. But at least it was a good use for the evening. Let's hope it gets in.

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