Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Martian Children

I am listening to "The Martian Child" by David Gerold on CD today. It's pretty funny, I'm sure you've probably seen the advertisements for the movie with John Cusack. It's a about a little boy that gets adopted that thinks that he's an alien. The cool part is that the guy who adopts him is a science fiction writer and starts thinking about there actually being Martian children.
Really, I think it's about the coping mechanisms that children use in the face of the uncertain or opressive. When I was feeling at my most unwanted I would imagine that I was a witch with special powers that would awaken any day (and this was before Harry Potter, lol) maybe that is why those books were so fun. They let me live my little fantasies. I would also imagine that I was really a princess that had been swapped at birth and that someday my real parents would come back and take me away and buy me the pony I always wanted. Ok, so I really wanted dance lessons, but pony sounds better.

What did you dream about being when you were a kid?

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  1. i always wanted to be a judge. like judge judy. don't ask me why, i devoted so much daydreaming time to it right up till i read like 5 pages of a book on law. boooring...