Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Dance For Coffee Cozies!

Last night, while watching the latest Netflix arrival I made the coolest thing! - too bad I have to give it away. Here is my Rogue/X-men Coffee Cozy!

I was so happy while making it (because it's such an awesome idea ;-)that i would periodically get up, dance around, and take the potatoes au gratin out of the oven. It's for my friend that is so addicted that she needs an IV. She is also a huge fan of X-men. The problem is that I like it so much that I want one (only it would be Storm). It's made out of alternating strips of green and yellow felt. Then I cut the X-men sign out of brown cotton and back stitched it on with red thread.

These are super easy to make. Last weekend, I cut my teeth on these two:

In my endless searching on Flickr, I came across a coffee cozy and figured that they would make great xmas presents (eco-friendly too!). I trotted down to Starbucks and took one of their cardboard cozies - too it apart and Voila! pattern for homemade coffee cozy. The perfect craft for watching the same romantic comedy three times in a row!

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  1. that's a really cool idea! What makes the x-men one rogue-ish exactly? ('scuse my noobness plz)