Monday, November 30, 2009

Hell's Half Acre

I drove home for Thanksgiving and had a little adventure. Usually, when I drive home it's a five and a half hour straight shot, only stopping for gas and restrooms. At first I stopped at Ayres Natural Bridge, but it was closed for the winter. The next place that I stopped was Hell's Half Acre, cause I had never actually seen it. Of course, everybody in Wyoming knows that the battle scene from Star Ship Troopers was filmed down there. I definitely needed pics.

It was freezing out there, with this really nasty wind that kept shaking me around. I'm surprised I got clear pictures.

The strange things was that there were four deer heads hanging out in the parking lot for no apparent reason. But, they made great pictures. I think of them as sleeping beauties, a little bit romantic and whimsical.

Special Forces was out there to blow up a building so I stayed to watch. They had also been using the restaurant for target practise, but more on that later.




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