Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Love of Machines

I have a confession to make - I really love machines, especially big powerful construction machinery. I love motors that are bigger than my car and are so loud that I can feel them in my stomach. I love the colors, the ways that they are bolted together, watching them move, the jobs that they do. I often stop dead in my tracks to watch backhoes tear up streets. I want to run away and become an airplane mechanic (combination of my love of machines and flying!) but I really don't want to go to school...thus I stay here. I could always run away to work construction but I wouldn't do well out in the weather all the time.

When I was visiting the folks for Thanksgiving, my brother showed me around the gas plant that he works at - I was in machine heaven, a waukeshaw the size of my van! I loved the way everything shook and vibrated. I realized that I'm really inspired in my work by the designs of the machines that I take pictures of. Thus in honor of my new found name (my father is an agricultural mechanic and gear head)I'm posting some of my favorite pics of machines I've taken.

From the Back of a Pseudo Fire Truck I saw in Hell's Half Acre

This was from a some sort of construction machine in my alley - I can't even remember what it was...was a couple of years ago. Gotta love that yellow! and the other one reminds me of a colon...

This is the seat from that machine - It was all tore up - I was interested the variation in texture.

These are pics of a heater core that I got from a junk yard trip with my dad. Some wicked awesome things can be had from junk yards. It was made into one of my favorite pieces in high school. Eventually, I moved and I had to get rid of it. I was going through my pattern and repetition phase in photography.

Ok, so these aren't machinery but they are still awesome. They are huge spools for cable for a telecommunications company. Look at those colors!

The repetition, colors, and forms are just so inspirational - and functional. The great thing is that such beautiful things are used by a bunch of sweaty dirty people to make things. I'm in love!

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