Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Ornament

I was taking a nap when I got this idea. I had been reading about reversed applique in FiberArts Magazine and thinking about making a pin cushion for my sister-in-law and it snapped! Red felt, reverse applique, white xmas fabric with small green details, and a bird.

I lept out of bed to look for the right xmas fabric and a pen. I sat down and drew the bird and heart on some notebook paper, cut it out, and pinned it to the red felt with the xmas fabric behind it. I then did a chain stitch around the bird shape in white embroidery floss, took off the pattern, and then did a chain stitch around the heart.

I took out my trusty fabric scissors and pulled the felt and xmas fabric away from each other, so as not to cut into the xmas fabric. Made a little incision and started cutting out the felt on the inside the bird, then the outside the of the heart and the inside of the heart. That is why it is called reversed applique, because the added fabric is behind the top layer.

Next, I added a backing of red velvet, cut it into a circle, and backstitched it together. I added a piece of ribbon for hanging, and stuffed it. I can't decide if I want to cut little slits around the edge or not. maybe for the next one.

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