Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beribboned Pearl Necklace

I finally got some time to sit down and make some more xmas presents! Sorry, art you'll just have to wait one more month - I have a still life oil painting started that I'm really excited about. Plus, Macbeth has started up so now I have practises a few times a week. It'll be good because they are letting me help with special effects - you know what that means - Latex and Blood!!!! O, the mutilated face of Banquo, how much I adore thee.

Anyways, I finished up the pearl necklace before Thanksgiving and just didn't get around to taking pictures.

I got the idea off of Martha Stewart, but of course I can never exactly follow the pattern. I bought this beautiful pearl necklace from a garage sale. I have no idea if their real, being as how I'm no pearl connoisseur, but they look like baroque fresh water peals. I like all their different little shapes.

The first day I wore it the string holding it together broke and they spilled all over the bathroom. I decided that I needed to remake the strand and I came across Martha's idea. How perfect, right?

I got a wide gauzy blue ribbon, folded it almost in half and then stitched down it with adecorative stitch on my sewing machine in white thread. This was very tedious and I'm not sure that I would ever do it again.

Then I got out a length of gold beading wire (I didn't want it to break again!). I threaded on one end of the clasp and wrapped the wire around to secure it. I should probably use proper crimps next time. I threaded on the ribbon and pearls much like the Martha pattern said. I liked to make my own threading patterns now and again. Then I put on the other clasp and Voila! pretty pearl necklace.

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