Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Artful Hand Gallery and Studio Open House!

Also, coolness this Friday is going down at Artful Hand - Gallery/Studio! They are having an open house, and I'm really excited to see all of Georgia and Dave Rowswell's work up (and the food!) I'm hoping to meet some new people and talk some art talk.

I've been running around today trying to get myself up on the Wyoming Arts Council's Artist Imagery Registry (AIR). It's beginning to feel like most of my time spent as an artist is filling out forms for shows. Everyone wants something different. The AIR application is interesting because it's a group of your current work in which you can put everything. I included the baby dolls, the dress, my book cover collages and some of my mixed media work. I didn't add my meat embroidery photos, that just needs a bit more explaining. I should have gotten on AIR a long time ago, but what I'm really doing it for is so that I can enter the Governor's Capitol Art Exhibit at the Wyoming State Museum.

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