Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All The Lovely New Work!

I realized that I have been putting off putting up this post, and I just needed to get on with it. The quilts that I have been making out of aerial photographs are coming along really well. They are going to be hanging in Artful Hand Gallery in April because Georgia has made me the featured artist. Cheyenne is having an Art, Design and Dine, a gallery walk type event, this Thursday evening, so I'll be hanging out at Artful Hand if you want to swing by and see them in person.

I made these two using the Road to California quilt block. They are sewing with red thread and then framed on a dark green back ground. They are so hard to photograph because the photos are shiny but in the end we got 'em.

I tried a couple new things on this one. I used a plastic doily to stencil patterns in red on photographs. The block, Cheyenne, required two different colors and a white and there was no way of getting around it. I also stitched the block together in black which really highlights the contrast between the red lace pattern and the white backside of the photographs.

I wanted to do another 3D piece and I was really haunted by a painting in my reference book of a crying Indian baby in a cradle board being used as a still life. I had to make it! Mine is much creepier, but I like the idea of being wrapped in the land - like a little death or burial.

Well, ta ta for now - I'll post some pictures from the gallery walk!

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