Friday, June 4, 2010


I finished my first Mucha inspired gauche/drawing! I decided that I really needed to work on my drawing skills again. It's surprisingly hard, keeping everything clean. I'm so used to sketching really wildly and darkly. Mucha is pretty awesome - I really love the whorls and swoops in his compositions and the amazing way that he used line thickness to bring depth to his pieces. So much to learn! Anyways - now I'm thinking that I need to start working on wedding invitation designs a la Mucha. Wouldn't they be just lovely? I wonder if he ever drew peonies? I love his poppies - That's the name of this piece, "Poppies" and it's for sale if anyone's interested.

I met with the Art, Design and Dine people last night. I'm creating their blog and Facebook fan page. I had a lot of fun listening to their plans and figuring out new ways to reach people in our community using the arts. Anything to get more art being bought and sold, plus some kicking things that I don't have to drive 45 minutes south to see. All we need are some more happening restaurants.

Relay for Life is this weekend, I'm painting posters for our team to carry. I was up early this morning putting glitter on them. Theirs nothing like glittering first thing in the morning to make your soul feel good. At lunch I'll paint some slogans on them and then we'll be done! Though I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all off my studio floor. Maybe I'll make a glitter cloth - this could inspire embroidery greatness!

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  1. I do love Mucha ever so much. . .combine that with Poppies and it makes me ever so happy. Whenever I get a tattoo, I intend on using a Mucha-esque poppy. But peonies would also be lovely. . .you should try your hand at it! And Mucha wedding invites = amazingness. Just so you know. :)