Monday, July 26, 2010

I actually got something done this past week

This last week, my life has been engulfed in packing, moving and cleaning. Horrendous. The only thing that let me keep my sanity was the last few hours of the night spent working on M & N's wedding quilt. I got a whole bunch done, including the center patch, piecing it, backing it, basting it, and now hand quilting it. This is an adventure in itself. This is a quilt of firsts for me, my first triangle quilt and my first hand quilted quilt (yes, there are lots of mess-ups, but it's the thought that counts right?). Usually, I just tie the quilts and they work out reasonable well, but the hand quilting on this one looks really cute up close. Plus, it's almost like embroidery, very cathartic. I'm going to bind it in black - and I was thinking that I should have included a little strip of black around the design to distinguish it from the border - next time. I've already got an idea for the next quilt. It'll have really interesting colors, turquoise, deep red, and a floral red orange. I think a border in navy would be really pretty. Yeah, I get a lot of ideas and I hardly get anything done. I know.

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