Monday, August 16, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

What does a fiber artist do on her birthday? She makes a duct tape dress form!
Doesn't it look awesome on my pink couch? Almost art by itself.

I've wanted to make a dummy of myself for a long time  - I just haven't ever had another person/enough time/or the materials all in one place. The boy and I woke up on Sunday morning and I knew that this is what I wanted to do. So we bought some tape and because he's a theater techie he already knew how to wrap the duct tape around to make the dummy.

We had a lot of laughs because I couldn't bend over because I wanted a neck on my dummy too. I had the hardest time getting a drink because my arms couldn't move very much with the duct tape on the shoulders. and boy was it hot! The duct tape keeps the heat from your body in and you get all sweaty. This is where I printed out my set of instructions, but the boy really just free formed it. There was a lot of unnecessary patting because the tape needed to "stick". After the taping was done, we stuffed it with batting and old pillow insides. I'm so excited to start using it. 

I also got M & N's wedding quilt bound this weekend. All I need to do now is buy a dowel and stitch on some sort of hanging device.

So many things happened this weekend! It's was almost too hard keep up. Saturday, I volunteered with the boy for Cheyenne's Plein Air event. I was escorting the judge around most of the morning between The Link Gallery and Deselms Fine Art. John Encinias was the judge. He was a very nice man and we had a good conversation about art and painting as I was shepherding him around. I like his paintings because he started out as an abstract painter and he doesn't do your typical mountain landscape paintings. I also like his more natural light and color. His paintings also have this lonely, hazy quality that make them almost surreal. After the judging I got to user people to the viewing and auction.

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