Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh, the things we do...

I'm having one of those weeks at work, aka. really busy and frustrating. But everything will even out eventually. I realized that missed inspiration Thursday. If it helps, I did do some art stuff. I attended a webinar for helping artists develop websites. That's part of the reason that I don't have a website. First, I really don't know how to make one, and second, I don't really have the computer and the time on the computer to do it. Sounds lame in this day and age but it's true. Eventually, I'd really like to get my own website.The webinar was held by Wyoming Entrepreneur.Biz by a pretty cool dude. There are a lot of things that I need to consider about making art into a business that I can work on until I have the ability to make a website. Sigh, it's always about time and money.

This week I've been stewing on a new series of work that has to deal with felt, metal, and some Jacobean embroidery, or crewel work. I bought this pillow at a thrift store and it has the most beautiful embroidery on it. I didn't really understand what kind of embroidery it was. Then I found out that it was crewel embroidery (wool on linen) and then upon further investigation I found out that it was Jacobean! It kinda looks like this...but a little more retro.
So, I've been reading books (The New Crewel) and collecting pictures and trying to figure out how to incorporate crewel into a series of sculptural collars and necklaces. There has been much drawing - and there will be more as week gather to watch Project Runway off Tevo tonight. How much I love food and fashion! Too bad they are mortal enemies.

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