Friday, October 15, 2010

My New Studio @ Clay Paper Scissors

Here's my new studio at Clay Paper Scissors! I haven't quite got it decorated yet, but I'll get some pictures up as soon as things. Things were a little messy for Art, Design and Dine because I didn't have the time this week to really clean up. But, hey, working studio. It's pretty amazing to have white walls to hang things up on. Makes for good pictures. My soon-to-be-father-in-law and his gaggle of middle school students stopped by to look at art and talk to the artists. It was really fun to talk to them about working in fiber arts. I wish that I had known that you can be a serious artist and work with fabric when I was in middle school and high school. It would have saved me a few years of bumbling around in paints. Then again, you learn great things in painting too. I also met a woman that runs a quilt shop that I didn't know was in town, Around the Block Quilt Shop. I'm getting interested in doing a block of the month workshop.

I finally figured out what to do to the sister sculpture of "The Spine".The problem was that it was too wide and too short to carry off the wideness. I couldn't quite find a way that I liked to display it so that you can see the petal like ruffles and thread and not a whole bunch of the underside. I think this works because it fills up the inside - shows you the outside and still sculpture even though it's hung. I'm pleased with the little red strings handing down from it and the shadows that it casts. It reminds me of a weird flower or a snail. So I call it "The Snail", though I should probably come up with a more sophisticated name for it later.

This is the next sculpture that I need to get done. When I drew it out it seemed really cool, then I put it together and I thought it looked like a wreath and I hated it. Now, have it quilted and the beginning of the binding put on it and I don't think it's all that bad (This is a terrible picture). I'm teetering on the idea of either bending it in on it's self, like I originally planned or bending it out to kinda form a poof ball.

I was working on it last night after Art, Design and Dine and I was so engrossed the hours just flew by. That's the great thing about finally having a studio, I can just work and work and work. But that's also my down fall. When I finally surface I'm like, "Man, my back hurts, why does my stomach feel weird?" because I've been sitting on a bench for four hours and haven't eaten anything in a while. That's exactly what a studio does to me. I love the exhaustion too. You don't go home till your utterly exhausted from all the work, and if you do anything else your just going to mess it up because you can't even see straight.

Love it, absolutely love it.

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