Monday, October 18, 2010

New Felt Sculpture, Flower, Thingy

 I got some time in the studio last night - drinking rum and coke, listening to crazy pop music, blind stitchin' like a fiend - and look what happened:

It doesn't look like a Christmas wreath any more, but more like a carnivorous flower. It could suck you in with it's concentric rings of felt! And don't get me started on those crazy strings. The only problem is that it's a pain in the butt to figure out how to hang. It caves in on it's self. I'm thinking a dowel, or a sewn series of hangers....I'll figure it out some other night. Let me tell you, I was ready to call it a night after having to thread the wire into the binding. It took forever! I'm not sure which is more tedious - threading it after sewing the binding in - or sewing in the wire as I sew the binding. It would have helped though, if I had used a three inch wide binding instead of a two inch. I'm definitely much happier with it now than a month ago. Wahoo for following through on ideas!

Other awesomeness this weekend. My wedding dress will be done in two weeks! We figured out the pleats and the hem and took the bows off the shoes. Icky bows. I'm thinking of gluing some jems on there instead. Not bad for three dollars at a thrift store.

I also got the rest of the favors canned - Apple Rhubarb Butter. Sounds tasty doesn't it? Now I have to work on decorating the jars. Too bad we were too late for apples from the community garden, otherwise I would have made some apple sauce. We did find a whole bunch of tomatillos and some green cherry tomatoes and coriander seeds!.

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