Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Map Show at the UW Art Museum

Monday night I hopped over to Laramie with the in-laws to check out all the wonderful map art of the UWyo creative writing grad students. The title of the show is Laramie: A Gem City Atlas and you can read about it at UWyo Art Museum's Blog. It was a great show and there were a lot of amazing maps. Most of the other artists worked directly on the maps so everything was nicely framed and two dimensional. I must have missed the memo, but it was worth it to see Preston in a show. Concierge of an artist becomes the art it's self. 

There were about thirty people packed into the gallery circling the art. You could barely get up close to look at things there were so many people. It didn't help that I was circling in the wrong direction and taking phone pictures. Which looked rude but I'm the artist. I got a couple really nice comments. I didn't get to sneak up on people and hear their opinions too much. It was probably a mixed bag as is always the case when using dead animals in art. 

The presentation was really interesting. I took notes on some of the ideas about mapping and how to map unusual things. I've been thinking of ways to map out our move to Japan. There are some interesting things a brewing! It was also great to look at some more traditional art forms (Kabuki prints, Moran etchings, brilliant string installation) and catch up with friends.

The evening wound down with a wonderful dinner at Sweet Melissa's. It's still so bloody cold in Wyoming, we didn't really get to walk around much before our ears froze. Someday it'll be spring here.

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