Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lake Towada

So we pull up the lake and we are famished. You work up quite the appetite in a hot theater. We went to a udon and soba noodle shop. It was so delicious. Ian got udon noodles with a fresh egg on top and I got tempura prawns. It was gone pretty much instantly. We walked around the town a little bit - they were selling whole fishes roasted on sticks! I'm in love, so many foods on sticks! We then went on a little trail and ended up at a Shinto shrine. I did the hand washing and the ringing of the bell. Those woods just feel so ancient and serene. Anyways enough talking and more pictures. oh, and there will be vintage postcards going out soon.

I guess they have a lot of festivals out there. I think we are gonna have to go out there again this summer. There are just so many waterfalls and hiking trails. The woods are so lush, it would be really wonderful just to hike all day and then have fish on a stick for dinner.

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