Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Week Down

This weekend wasn't quite as busy as last weekend. On Saturday we went to our first Ammo Call. I guess this is just a gathering of all the people and their families that work in Ammo. There were a couple of kegs, a missile beer bong, and a whole mass of hamburgers. I guess this call was a little more sedate than most. A lot of people are in Alaska. As soon as we showed up, Ian was put in charge of grilling and proceeded to set fire to the tin foil he was cooking on. Thank God they took that off and actually used the grill. So while he was grilling I flitted around talking to pretty much anyone. I've been a little deprived of social interaction. I met a couple of Japanese ladies and tried to impress them a little with my language skills. We played some uno and just hung out. There were a lot of jokes, I say we had a pretty fun time. Ian was a drunken skunk - pretty hilarious.

he looks like an ogre in that picture.
This is the huge moth that I encountered in the bathroom. There are lots of bugs in Japan and I was tossing and turning all night from being bit so much. I ended up sleeping on the couch.
I've been working like a madwoman this week to get ready for a show in October at Hastings College. I just realized that there is a high possibility that my work isn't gonna be here in time for me to send it back to the states. So I'm rushing to try and make more works. Good thing I don't have another job :) I'm running into a real supply problem out here. I don't really have a hobby lobby around the corner. But I'm soldiering on. See it was a great idea to buy all those threads before coming out here.

Our good news is that we finally have internet and a land line in our house! We also got iPhones and I'm in love. We are pretty much on them all the time. It's really nice to have music in the house now. Before I was spending all day in a deathly quiet house. Well not all that quiet, we have those massive crows kawing all the time. We still don't have a car, but Ian is working on that. I think he's biking roughly 3 miles to work and back everyday. Not having a car kinda means getting groceries and other things for the house is a real chore. But it's great exercise! I am volunteering at the pet shelter here on base. I'm getting my animal fix, though I'm not sure I want a pet now because I don't really want fur all over my clothes all the time. Does that make me a bad person?

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