Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wahoo Volunteering!

Yesterday I had a very busy and semi productive day. I was walking all around base and doing paperwork like a mad woman. But the problem is that Ian doesn't have an official email yet, we don't have phones, I don't know our box number by heart yet, I have no idea what deros even means (and the military only talks in acronyms and never spells anything out), and I forgot to bring a copy of his orders with me in the morning. Kinda hinders the productivity. Such a joy being a PCS nube, especially at a overseas base.

Things I accomplished despite not having all the right information and have to go back to places more than once.
  • Took a tour of the fitness center - rather awesome and impressive with lots of fun free classes - fitness is very important to the military. 
  • Tried to get a library card - after Cheyenne's library it's had for any other library to be all that awesome, the collection is on the small and old side, but I am confident that I'll get some awesome stuff out of there.
  • Toured the Arts and Crafts Center. They actually have an art supply store! It's a little heavy on the scrap booking supplies, but that can be worked around. I might not have to get everything offline all the time. I have a feeling that the internet is going to be the only way I'm going to get a hold of yarns, floss, or fabric for a while. I'm going to have to improve my Japanese - and speedily.
  • Got my Japanese drivers liscense. They drive on the opposite side of the road than we do in the states so every time we take a right hand turn I think that I am going to die. Plus all the signs are wonky. Also, drinking and driving is a really really bad idea here - the BAC level is .025, which equals like half a beer.
  • Took the Red Cross Volunteers course. I'm going to be volunteering with the legal office here on base. I'm be like a secretary - but I will be privi to confidential information. I'm a little excited to learn new things about the legal system. According to Raxsel at the Family Readiness Center - Military law is different from Civilian law, and then living over seas makes it completely different from either of those. Sounds like fun.
Anyways, more fun stuff is happening today - We got our house. I took some pictures and will put them on the next post. They are delivering our furniture in and hour. Ian is off getting wireless internet, and smart phones, and groceries. I'm hanging out at the library and typing away.

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  1. I'm closing my eyes for drive on the wrong side of the road? Never!