Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We got a house!

Well, it's an apartment. But the good news is that there is enough of a yard that I can have a garden and we can also have a dog! It's in the main base so I am in easy walking distance to the commissary (military for grocery store), the arts center, the library and the bx (airforce for mall). We are going to be moving in on Thursday and I'll post picks once we have all the loan furniture in there. It's super nice. It's on the second floor, there's a living room and dining room. All of the cabinets and tiles are done in grey. The rooms are pretty large and there is a small balcony for a bbq grill. I'm going to use the second room for a studio. All the windows and doors have these really funny locks on them that we are still going to have to figure out.

We also talked to the two cell providers at the BX and I'm gonna go get us a plan tomorrow. Smart Phones! We are gonna get iPhones, and I guess the way that that works is that anyone can call us for free - international too. and we can call anyone with the same plan for free 8am-9pm or something like that. Plus there is coverage over all of Japan.

Yup,.. and tomorrow I'm gonna go to the library and the art center and the pet shelter, and - Sorry, I'm just bad at writing the blog post tonight. I blame it on Ian - he brought home a bottle of vodka to go with dinner.

Wahoo! pictures of our hotel room

Oh, yeah and that's Ian looking all sexy in his ABUs, going out to work this morning outside the hotel. I've been on 4 bases so far, and besides FE Warren they are all really bland white buildings...and Misawa isn't any different - so until we get a car and can get off base there probably wont be a whole bunch of pictures.

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  1. be sure to get lots of photos or video for your move in inspection- the mil. can be very douche-y about the most microscopic of dings or dust when it comes time for the move out process.