Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Very Busy Weekend

My goodness this weekend was so busy, like everything imploded at once, including my sinuses. I went to Denver for a conference the last half of the week for work and the day that I got back I had a performance for Shake in ChyWy's Macbeth and an icebreaker for the Spirit of the West show.

Luckily, everything went swimmingly. The snacks were a little strange (chicken liver and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, which I couldn't bring myself to finish) but they spurred lovely conversations with some of the other artists. We talked a lot about websites and social networking for artists I think mostly because I was still on a digi-high from the conference. It was unfortunate that Georgia and I had to leave so early (she had to prep for the Cheyenne's first art walk, and I had to go perform) we didn't get to see the presentation.

Then the next night I got to go see the show, itself. It was must more realistic western work then I was expecting but over all there were some quality pieces. I picked up a few western artists that I'm going to start following, like Clifford Bailey, Ezra Tucker, and Jon Madsen. Georgia and I didn't win anything, but I got a lot of great questions about the meaning of my piece. It was disappointing that stories about the works weren't provided along with the pieces. I got to listen to a group of people look at and talk about my bust. One guy said "do you think you would wear it?" and the other replied "maybe after a few drinks". The great thing was that people were really taking the time to stop and look at my work and also talk about it. One of the sellers approached me and I told her the story behind the piece. She said that she was getting a lot of questions about it and they hadn't provided her any back story. I also had a really great conversation with a sponsor about my piece and it's back story and how I'm going to turn it into a series. It was a good experience, the food was good, I loved all the contemporary western wear - especially this western shirt with roses and skulls the sponsor was wearing. Everything turned out really well.

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